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en·fleu·rage ˌäNfləˈräZH/ noun
a process of extracting aromatic essential oils by exposing inodorous oils or fats to the exhalations of flowers.
or·gan·ic ôrˈɡanik/ adjective
the term organic refers to an ecological method of agricultural production that respects the natural environment. Organics focuses on enhancing the health and vitality of the soil, preserving biodiversity, promoting animal welfare and preserving the ecological integrity of our environment
Enfleurage Organics is a local business based in Oakville, Ontario that specializes in handcrafted organic soaps. Soaps are formulated with the expertise of Aromatherapist, Colleen Lowe. She uses certified organic and ethically sourced ingredients.  Many of their products have been Certified Organic through Ecocert Canada. Colleen has a Diploma in Aromatherapy from Sheridan College as well as several levels of training in Aromatic Kinesiology. She has taken her international experience and knowledge of essential oils and applied it to developing and formulating, not only soaps, but many outstanding skin care products. The products that she has developed use the cleanest of ingredients such as certified organic oils; ethically sourced and fair trade. As some of our ingredients come from areas that cannot be certified–such as the Amazon Rainforest–we deal with the most reputable of scientific personnel in the sourcing of these non-certified ingredients.