Why choose organic?

Oh this could be a very long answer. Let’s just say that by choosing organic body care products you are feeding yourself organically from the outside in. It gives you assurance that what you are using is safe, free from harmful chemicals, no GMO’s and did you know that 70% of what goes onto your skin goes into your blood stream? All the more reason to be using Enfleurage Organics.

As well, what is going down your drain is not polluting the waterways. Not all chemicals are removed by water treatment plants and we certainly don’t want to be drinking those toxic chemicals that you showered with yesterday.

If you have a group that you belong to; we do a live presentation called An Inch of Skin. In this we explain the differences between Conventional, Natural and Organic Just fill in a contact form if you’d like to discuss the possibilities of an appearance at your group. Video is in the think tank. CML

Who makes our soaps!

We do! They are hand made in small batches. Each and every batch has a number which allows us to trace the ingredients back to the soil. It is all part of the Organic Certification process that is part of the Ecocert Canada standard.

What is Argan oil used for?

Argan oil has so many uses. It is good for you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet.

It is well known as a hair conditioner, but few know that it can be used on the scalp for dryness and psoriasis.
It is also used for fine line erasing; improving finger nails; eczema; and after sun treatment.
It is not to be used as SPF but use after sun exposure to help the cells correct if any damage caused.

Why is our Certified Organic Shea Butter almost odourless and white?

Our white refined organic shea nut butter is refined, bleached, and deodorized through non-chemical processes. The butter is treated in a high-vacuum process to deodorize it and then the colour is removed with natural bleaching clays. This does not harm the integrity of the material and it meets all USDA Organic Standards from start to finish.

Does your shampoo bar suds?

This seems to be our number one questions about our Argan Hair Works. And the answer is…

YES !!

What we suggest you do is wet your hair (usually in the shower) and wet the bar. Rub the bar across your hair a few times (depends on the length and thickness of your hair as to the number of times). Then you add a little water and this will help in creating the suds.

We do find that when you first use the Argan Hair Works shampoo bar that people tend to rub too many times before adding some extra water. In time you will learn what works best for your hair.

Where is your store located?

The only store we have is our online store. We do farmers markets and events which are published on our home page as well as on FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/EnfleurageOs and Twitter: https://twitter.com/EnfleurageOs Give us a LIKE and you’ll get all our latest news.

You can find us at the stores located on our front page. All Whole Foods Markets across Ontario plus home delivery services and co-op. As well, we are working with some farmers to stock their farm stores. As we bring on more retail stores, they will be added to the front page.

Where is your Argan Oil made?

Our Certified Organic Argan oil is made by hand, by the Berber women in Morocco. They work in a Certified Organic (Ecocert) compound where all phases of the process are done by hand. It’s a very time consuming job but it is one of the reasons our Argan Oil is of such high quality. These women are paid fair trade wages for their work and they also have gained independence and confidence by being a part of this industry. They can take pride in their work.

Argan grows only in Morocco. It was becoming extinct until it was recognized for it’s many health benefits.

Where does our Organic Shea Butter come from?

Our shea butter is from Ghana.

Do you have something for combating baldness?

At this time we have to say, sorry we don’t. However, as we explore the world for amazing plants that grow we see things that are good for all kinds of treatments that we haven’t heard of in Canada so we order in samples and have them tested out by different people. So far we’ve not found a hair regenerating product that works consistently well. Keep tuned.


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