Created using carefully selected organic ingredients
Created using carefully selected organic ingredients
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SOAP NUTS - Enfleurage Organics
Enfleurage Organics


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A biodegradable way to do your laundry.  Soap Nuts replace liquid and granular laundry soap that you might buy at your local grocery store.

Reetha tree fruit (sapindus mukorossi) that are a natural saponin (“soap”). The Reetha tree is native to the Himalayan region.  They are also referred to as Soap Berries.

The nuts are the shell of the fruit, with the fruit removed.

Depending on your washer, a top loader takes 4 nuts in a bag and a front loader takes 3.  These nuts in the bag can be used for 4 loads of laundry.

Remove the used nuts.  Place in your compost and refill the bag with the required number of nuts to suit your washer.

No other laundry soap is required.

Totally biodegradable!!

This product is sold in 4oz/113g packages and does include a pouch in which to put the soap nuts for use in your washer.